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One of those days you stumble upon somethings that leave you excited. And it happens so many times when you are surfing on internet. You come across so many great websites that you love instantly. This happened with us recently. While surfing on internet I found this amazing travel website called And being a travel fanatic I was easily mesmerised by it’s content. “You don’t visit a place, You experience it.” this is what they say.

Well, as far as me and Avi are concerned we are also backpacker kind of traveller and never really liked travelling with a proper travel package. We have always been a free traveller and we never plan our trips with a strict schedule. Travelling without a schedule makes your stay more enjoyable and fun. And everyday feels like an unknown adventure tour which is very exciting. This is exactly what The Backpacker Co. provides. They create a backpacking experience that is unique and unforgettable and not bounded by a strict rule. So you could be travelling with your friends, in a group, looking for a girlfriend getaway or just a solo traveller hoping to get some fun along the way. They have something for every kind of traveller. They provide you with some of the hippest hostels. You could be staying in a hostel that was Beetles recording studio before. I mean how cool is that! They basically add up a little magic to your adventure.

Solo travelling can be very frightening and specially, if you are a single women travelling alone to unknown countries. Being a girl, I know how difficult it can be and you have to be cautious at every step. And you end up worrying instead of enjoying the moment. So The Backpacker Co. know all the apprehensions of a women travelling alone and they provide an itinerary that is safe, with hostels in a safe neighbourhood, daylight travelling, do’s and don’ts and all the other safety details. So basically they prepare you completely and takes care of every little detail so that you have an amazing time at your trip and not worry about anything else.

Going through the whole website was really exciting to me and I have already started to think about our next trip. One thing that caught my attention was their Girlfriend Getaway trip. When I was in college me and my girlfriends use to backpack all around the Himachal Pradesh and because of those trips that I took with my lovely friends, I found my love for travelling and started this blog. So it was like a sweet memory that came back and I really want to re-live those moments with my girlfriends. And I think this Girlfriend Getaway trip will be perfect for it. My lovely ladies reading this, you can also have a look at the plan by clicking here.

So guys if you love travelling to different, amazing places and like to take the roads that are less travelled, then I would highly recommend you to visit The Backpacker Co. website here. It is perfect for a wanderer. I am totally into their trip plans and they have really cool upcoming trips that you can plan in the coming festive season. Checkout all the trips here.

Below are the pictures of the backpacking trip of the founders of the website – The Backpacker Co. And some of the pictures of destinations clicked by happy backpackers during their trip. I wish to add my travel pictures soon to their photo album.

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  1. I’ve heard of the backpackerco and been wanting to try them out for my impending trip to Europe. THanks for sharing this

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