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Now we are down to the final post for this Hyderabad travel diary. We were there for 4 days and the last 2 days we kept little relaxed. Because I was visiting my brother and we needed some family time too. So we planned both the days very light and visited these two remarkable places only in the evening. It was convenient also because of the weather.

Day 3 was about Shilparamam, this really amazing art and craft cultural village in Hyderabad. Beautifully built with a small Delhi haat kind of shopping place, having everything from Indian pottery to a plethora of weaves, woodwork, jewelry, clothes and local crafts of each region of the country, different art installation, and an entire rural village with life size hut and very realistic life size clay sculptures and models that are depicted doing the basic chores of life in a village. It’s remarkable how real those sculptures look and it almost seems like they are ready to talk to you. This museum was the best part of Shilparamam. Lush green trees also made the whole experience very pleasing. Best time to visit Shilparamam is in evening only, when you can enjoy a cool breeze beneath the shadow of trees and just spend some time in peace. And to end this day mouth watering roasted chicken from Siddique Restaurant.

Day 4 was all about family time. We ordered in, this really delicious pizza from Pepper Jack, recommendation of my brother. Then just lazed around the house till evening. The final stop Golconda Fort. Quick tip, wear really comfortable shoes and drink lot of water because man! there are endless stairs in this fort! It’s like a mini workout. But when you reach the top, its really amazing. You can see the whole Hyderabad with the old city and new hitech city joining like past and present.

My only problem with the fort was the people that were there. They have literally destroyed the walls by writing “Ramesh loves Reena” kind of things. I don’t get it, why people do this?! How can they be so ignorant, ruining a historical property that has so much value. Anyways, I was so much disappointed by the people but the trip to Golconda fort was worth it. And for the dinner on our last day, 70 mm Dosa from Chutneys thats like 2 tables long. I’m kidding, not 2 table but surely 1 table long. And yeah, Idly for breakfast everyday was like a blessing!

So this was all the time we had in Hyderabad. We really enjoyed our trip to this heritage city and I’m sure you must have enjoyed reading about it too. Do let us know in the comments down below!

Day 3 : On Me : Thrift Top (Sarojini Nagar), Forever21 Skirt and Gladiators, Thrift Bag.

              On Avi : Koovs TShirt, Westside Cuffed Denim, Thrift Shoes (Sarojini Nagar).

Day 4 : On Me : Forever21 Lace Top and Cuffed Trousers, Thrift Necklace (Jaisalmer)

              On Avi : Forever21 Baseball Shirt and Shorts, Roadster Shoes, H&M Cap.

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