Travel Diary : Lucknow Day 2


We are back with the second day of our amazing trip to this cultural heritage land called Lucknow. Second day was an unexpected one and yet wonderful. One highlight of the trip was meeting the present Nawab of Lucknow. Yes! We actually met Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah. Though the meeting was very brief but it was one to be remembered. And we also had an opportunity to tour the Sheesh Mahal, where he resides with his family. They have a showroom filled with amazing antics from their household and also acquired from around the world too, which is open for everyone to see.

A normal visit to a tourist place Kudiya Ghat turned into a walk through the real Lucknow. All of this could happen because of our amazing friend Ambreen, who happened to be the niece of Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah. How exciting is that! Thanks to her we had an exciting day, where we could actually see and feel the place. Touring Sheesh Mahal was the best thing we did there and got the real taste of Old Lucknow. It had a rustic feel to it. A must visit if you are in Lucknow. Great way to see this heritage land. Visiting the showroom of Nawab Mir Abdullah is a must thing to do. And you can also get Tea time arranged with him and talk about his wonderful life in person. I will leave the contact details at the end of this blog.

Another highlight of the trip was Kulcha Nihari. Let me tell you one thing, if you are in Lucknow, you absolutely can not miss this amazing dish. We tried this restaurant called Mubeen’s at Akbari gate, Chowk. I highly recommend it, and when you are at it order a round of Pasanda Kebab. Trust me you will not regret it. These are the things that make Lucknow. Sorry there’s not a picture of the dish because we were so engrossed in eating, that we completely forgot! And I still dream of that Kulcha Nihari!


Contact Details : Residence of Mohammad Mir Abdullah, Sheesh Mahal.

Phone No. :          7237062758


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