Travel Diary : Lucknow Day 1



Lets talk about the city of nawabs – Lucknow. Let me tell you something, our dude Avi, belongs to Lucknow. And it was my first time visiting his home town and this beautiful city. After being friends for almost a decade now, we realised that I have never been to his city. And what a magnificent place it is to visit. So while he was visiting his parents back at home, I decided to tag along and explore Lucknow.

Reaching Lucknow is not a difficult task, there are numerous trains including Rajdhani and Shatabdi and standard train ride to Lucknow takes about 8 hours ( that’s when its not running late!). You can also find pretty cheap flights to reach there. There are buses too, running in abundance between Anand Vihar Bus Station to Lucknow. So there are numerous options.

Day 1 was pretty basic, it comprised of doing all that touristy things that anyone will do when they visit Lucknow for first time, like visiting Bara Imambara and famous Bhool Bhulaiya, Chota Imambara and Residency. Architecture of Bara Imambara was obviously a masterpiece and it was very beautiful. Tip of the day – Always hire a guide to tour around Bhool Bhulaiya because trust me, you will get lost in all those long passages and thousands of identical doorways. Next was Chota Imambara, which features this amazingly lavish bath known as hamam for the nawabs and a beautiful mosque. And then we saw all the important architecture in between like Rumi Darwaza and Hussainabad Clock Tower. Our next stop was The Residency also known as British Residency is a group of several building which severed as residence for British Resident General during the time to British rule. Now it exits in ruins and has this mystic aura about it. We toured around it a bit and got some amazing pictures for the blog.

Since we were staying at Avi’s parents place, on day one we did not tried any food outside. But soon I will tell you about my experience of first time eating the very famous Nihaari Kulcha in Old Lucknow. But that I will enlighten you guys with in our next post. Something to look out!

Don’t forget to read our next post, it get more interesting!


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