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Our Jaisalmer Trip photo diary is really long overdue! I was supposed to upload it way back and share our experience, but we got caught up in all the other things that were happening on the blog. So sorry about that!

This was my second time visiting Jaisalmer and for Avi first. I was quite young when I went there and couldn’t document my trip properly. And I always dreamt of going there again, that’s how much I liked Jaisalmer. So when we were planning for the blog, I was keen on Jaisalmer. So, in no time we booked our tickets and went for it. A little tip for the first time travellers, pack your dinner with you because there is no pantry in the train and the food you will get on the way is not worth it!  So here it goes, Let me take you through our Jaisalmer Trip!

Day 1 : We reached Jaisalmer at about noon, and had our room already booked through Oyo rooms and the Hotel Royal Haveli was splendid. Room was so pretty with all the jharokha and everything and the sweetest hotel staff ever. For day 1 we kept our schedule very light and relaxed. We usually travel with no prior plan in mind and decide our day as it goes. So day 1 was just for the Jaisalmer fort and general roaming around the beautiful city. By the way, do you know Jaisalmer Fort is the only living fort with lot of people still living inside the fort like old times. That’s quite interesting. And there are lot of cheap hotels inside, so you can enjoy staying in a fort. How cool is that! So day 1 was all about touring the fort and getting to know the place. We tried out Jaisal Italy, a restaurant situated inside the premises of fort, boast of having authentic italian food. It was alright in my opinion and little overrated but ambience was great. So, disappointed with it we tried a small local restaurant which was amazing by the way!

Day 2 : This was the day we noticed those magnificent windmills and decided to have an impromptu shoot around it! It was a sight to see and we were glad we got into an auto and just went there. So by noon we packed up our shoot and went for other places to checkout in Jaisalmer. First stop was Gadsisar Lake, amazing place to hangout, if the weather is good. You can go boating or have a picnic by the lake. Next was food time. So we tried out Green Park restaurant, suggested by our auto driver. People in Jaisalmer are sweetest. They will tell you exactly what you want to know and never mislead you. So food there was great with good interiors but on a little pricy side. Food in Rajasthan is so filling and heavy that, the minute you have something you will feel sleepy. So we went back to the hotel to recharge ourself for the Patwa Haveli tour.  Patwa Havelis are these really beautiful Havelis in Jaisalmer that your jaw drops when you see the intricacy of the carvings on each Haveli. Only one of the Haveli is open for tourists and it has an amazing collection of day to day objects that were used by the owners in old time. Patwa Haveli was the last thing we saw that day. And with another high recommendation we went to Desert Boy Dhani for our dinner. Again the same thing as Green Park, food was great, they even had live performers but still little pricy. Small tip from my side, try having food at local restaurants that are not mentioned on Tripadvisor or some other website. The original flavour you will experience in small restaurants only.

Day 3: DESERT TIME!!! This was the day I was long waiting for. We finally checked out from our hotel and went ahead to the Sam Sand Dunes! Actual desert is about 40kms from the Jaisalmer city and takes about an hour to reach there. So you get various options for your Desert day; you can get there by about 3 pm, enjoy the desert safari, stay till sunset and head back to the city. Or you can book a dinner plan with various camps there, enjoy all the festivities with the live performers, have the authentic Rajasthani dinner and head back to the city. Or another option is to book a tent in camp and spend the night there and enjoy a beautiful night with stars. We took the last option, I mean you should experience everything that a place offers, so that you don’t regret later that you missed out on something. So we stayed at camp it was peacful because there were not many people for night stay. And tried all kinds of safari that they offered. So bsically there are two types of Desert : Thar desert and Royal desert. Royal desert is covered by Jeep Safari and Thar by Camel ride. So both experiences were good and Jeep safari was really amazing. Also Royal desert is more peaceful because lot people choose not to go there.

Day 4 : Last day in Jaisalmer. Basically you can cover the whole Jaisalmer in three days but we added an extra day just to be on the safe side, if we miss out on shooting something we could do it on this day. Anyway, as we stayed the night in camp we packed our bags and said goodbye to the desert. On the way, there was this really interesting village called Kuldhera, which was home for 300 people, but they had to vacate it overnight because of a girl. And it had never been occupied again by any other villagers. The city is like a ruin with couple to houses still intact. So this was an amazing experience and last stop of our Jaisalmer trip. After that we went back to the city, had lunch in amazing restaurant called Desert Bite. Roamed around a bit, did some last minute shopping and went to the train station with an amazing trip memory and even magnificent pictures to remember it.

This is the whole story of our travel to Jaisalmer. I know it’s quite a read, but I’m sure you guys will enjoy it. Do comment down below if there’s something you would want to know about the city or anything else. We would be happy to help! Till then!


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