Chic Roots

Eid Mubarak to all our lovely readers! I know I am little late on my wishes, but better late than never.

With all the Eid festivities going around my house we decided to do an Ethnic wear post. Neither I nor Avi are very fond of Indian wear attire. But sometimes you have to mold yourself and just take in all the culture that you can. But of course with a twist!

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Unfurled Beauty – Taj Mahal

Well here it is! The Majestic Taj Mahal.. Epitome of love.. A Shrine of love.. Eternal Beauty… and many more. Call it anything you may like. True to its name, everybody is bound to feel awestruck by its breathtaking beauty. Built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved begum Mumtaz Mahal, it is the most romantic symbol of love in the world. You have to experience it in person to feel the actual grandeur of this monument.

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Symphony of Love

You just fall in love at the very first sight of this wonder of the world. To go with the romantic and alluring impact of the Taj Mahal, we decided to dress up for the day. Whenever I think about this epitome of love, a beautiful romantic evening comes to my mind. Bit cliche, but I couldn’t help it. Spending splendid time with your beloved and just drifting with time and passion.

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