Imma 90’s Kid.

  Fashion is something that keeps on coming back after some time. Although I love the idea, but still you have to make it look like its from the current era. One such fashion comeback I’m digging right now is the 90’s grunge fashion. I’m a 90’s kid and was a rebellious one. I was […]

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We collaborated with this amazing Men’s wear brand called Green Hill. We always keep searching for fashionable brands for Avi because lets face it India really needs to come up with something new for the guys.

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The Best Friend’s Wedding.

Here we are with the last and most anticipated edition of the series “Indian Wedding” – The Wedding.

This was really a very special day. Firstly because my best friend of more than a decade was getting married and secondly it happened to be my birthday! I couldn’t ask for anything more! I mean I was so excited to share here wedding day with my birthday! It was a double celebration day.

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