Zipping at Neemrana

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On me: Thrift Top, Forever 21 Jeans, Koovs Shoes. On Avi: Forever 21 T-shirt, Zara Trouser, North Star Shoes, Forever 21 Sunglasses and Cap.

Delhi is connected to so many beautiful places for weekend splurges. And we never loose any opportunity to visit such places. One of the most exquisite place, really very close to Delhi is Neemrana. And Neemrana Fort Palace is just gorgeous. You just feel royal the minute you enter it. We were there for zipping only and we regretted not booking a room there. Anyways, zipping at Neemrana is another experience altogether. Thanks to the lovely folks of Flying Fox Neemrana.

Let me first tell you how to reach there. Wake up really early in the morning start your car and head to Neemrana via Delhi-Jaipur Highway road. Start your day early to avoid annoying traffic near Manesar. Average travel time is three hours but if there is traffic it can exceed to any limits. I mean everyone must know how infamous Delhi-Jaipur Highway is for bad traffic. It can be covered in a single day. But my suggestion would be to book a room in the palace and enjoy the night with a royal treatment. Also it would be wise to book the tickets for zipping in advance to save some money and time.

So once you reach there at the fort and at the Flying Fox office, those guys will harness you up and send you for a 20 min trek. Well it depends on how fast you can go or what is your lower body strength. Your gymming will pay off here!  We had two really experienced and fun instructors with us, Ashish and Hukum. They made the whole experience of zipping very fun and nobody was frightened to do it. First they make you practise on a practise wire and tell you about all the do’s and don’ts while you are up on the wire. There are total 5 wires and we descend little after each wire and finally it ends at the fort. For the first couple of wires you just hold on for your dear life but by the time you reach the third wire all the fear vanishes and you enjoy the beautiful picturesque of the magnificent Neemrana fort and all the green beautiful hills that surrounds it. You might catch a glance of a divine peacock or a local deer ( its nothing but a Goat! Created by Ashish to distract us.) Finally when it ends you wish for more.

Me and Avi, we both are sucker for adventure sports and Zipping was one awesome sport that everyone must must try! It feels amazing when you glide over astonishing landscapes with wind blowing at your face. The thrill is incredible.

We took Microsoft Lumia 540 with us and couple of photos in this post are shot by it. Can anybody tell which one is shot with Lumia? I bet you can’t! Just wait for our next post!

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