Faith – What not to do in Cancer.

Faith can move mountains.

I understand this sentence now. If you have faith, you can conquer the most difficult situations in your life. This post is not about travel or any style tip, but a much serious topic that we were facing from past one year. When you are least expecting, life hits you hard. Last year, we found out that Avi was suffering from stage three Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is the cancer of the white blood cells called lymphocytes. We were taken aback by this news and never in our wildest dreams, thought that this could be it. So, with this post I want to share with everyone through our personal experiences about what we did wrong and what could anyone do to pass this horrible time of their life. We did a lot of things during his illness that made his condition worse. So, here it is, what not to do when you have cancer.

1 : Don’t take your body for granted.

Yes! Never take your body for granted. If you feel something is wrong with your health, please consult a doctor immediately. This is one thing we did right. As soon as, Avi felt that his lymph nodes were exceptionally swollen, he consulted a doctor and through a proper biopsy we found out that it was Hogkins Lymphoma.

2 : Do not travel.

As Avi’s native place is Lucknow, so, his treatment was going on in his hometown while staying with his family. But as all we are, always eager to work, just after two chemo sessions, Avi started travelling back and forth to Delhi, which was the worst thing he could ever do in his condition. When you are getting chemo, your body looses immunity and is prone to lot of infections. And at that time, Delhi is the worst place to be. This made his body very weak and just after the third session of chemo his liver started to fail. That was the worst time for him and his family, but through proper treatment his condition got stable. So, avoid places where there are chances of infection and try not to travel. Always wear a mask.

3. Eat healthy.

Do not eat take outs. This point is an extension of point two. Stop eating anything from outside. Stay away from any kind of infections. Do not drink or smoke, stay away from all those people or places where there is smoke. Your body is vulnerable, anything can be dangerous.

4. Stay positive.

Yes, you will loose your hair, your health, and all those chemo sessions will be painful. But all you have to do is stay positive and surround yourself with people that you love and encourage you to be strong. This is the best part of Avi, during all his session, he never lost hope and stayed positive through out his treatment. Because Faith can do miracles. He got lot of support from his friends and his mother was the greatest source of inspiration. She never lost hope and tried everything to bring his health back to normal. Love and care of family can cure half of your diseases.

Now, after eight chemo sessions and an episode of liver failure, Avi is all better and healthy now. This disease took a year of his life and I wish nobody should go through what he experienced. Be cautious, be careful and be alert. Never take your body for granted and most important, never lose Faith.

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