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“Where ever you go, go with all your heart.”

 – Confucius 

Yes! Rightly said! Travel with all your heart! Explore new places! Meet new people! Because there is only one life, and there’s too much to see and Earth is the only thing we have in common!

So when you visit Charminar in Hyderabad, what do you see? That majestic Architectural Beauty. Yes, Of course! But its the life around it that amuses us the most. Seeing people in their day to day life, doing their daily chores, amuse us. And everything is interesting through the lens of a photographer. Daily objects become heart’s desire.

When we were roaming around the street of Hyderabad, a lot of things got our attention. Flower vendor, fresh summer fruits, small vendors, yellow auto, muslim ladies with there burqa shopping on the streets and many more things. Streets of any place gives you maximum knowledge about the culture and people. It’s really interesting to see how the city functions. And you get to know the actual people there.

Vibrant colors on a hot summer day attracts us the most. It’s amazing how a little color can bring so much substance to an ordinary object. An eye sore becomes something desirable! That’s the beauty of colors. So, when you travel to some place new, just spend some time there and appreciate little things that the place has to offer. As I said before, Travel with all your heart!

Lets plan a new trip now!

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