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Happy New Year everyone!

2015 was a great year for us! We started our blog and because of which we shared our experiences with everyone and met so many new people! I hope everybody likes our effort so far! 2016 is also going to be very exciting as well and we hope to travel more this year to new and exotic places. And of course, we will share all that with you guys!

There is no other way better than travelling to end a year! This time we raided Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. This was a very sudden plan and as the saying goes best plans are made spontaneously! We both are lover of hills and love waking up to beautiful mountains and never ending blue skies! Kasauli is such one beautiful hill station. Only drawback for backpackers like us, there is no direct way to reach it unless you have your own vehicle! So, our one whole day was lost in just reaching there! But no worries, astonishing views and fresh air make up for it! Nevertheless, it can be enjoyed by everyone, newly weds or newly mets, group of friends, family or sole traveller. But not for a party soul because its a cantonment area. So, if you are a peace lover and appreciate beauty of nature than its the place to be!

Like all the other hill stations in Himachal, Kasauli also does not have too many places to visit. But an amazing place for an explorer soul. On our first day, we visited the Kasauli Church and Sunset point. We hiked all the way to sunset point and it was the most beautiful path to walk on. There were many amazing spots all the way and the sunset point was heavenly! Sun setting on the horizon made Kasauli even more alluring. That is the most pleasing time in the whole day. Everything just shines like gold with the setting sun! Which is why it is called the golden hour of the day. And also the best time to click amazing photographs!

Kasauli doesn’t have a big mall road filled with shops like other hill stations. So, there is nothing for shoppers. Yes! I was heartbroken too! Shops that you’ll find will have the same stuff you can get anywhere else! And also there are not too many restaurants. Two restaurants that we found absolutely amazing was Cafe Rudra and Shan-e-Kasauli. Former for its Chinese cuisine and later for Indian. Both had fresh materials and taste was on point! But to get dinner in Kasauli either you have to be real quick and get an early dinner or order at your own hotel or resort! Because by 8 pm everything will close down! Crazy, isn’t it?! For people like us who stay in metro cities 8 pm is like waking time! Anyways, another idea would be to get a takeout.

So, our first day in Kasauli was very exciting. We will be back with the story of second day. So, stay tuned and check out the blog soon again!



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