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Hello everyone! As promised we are back with the second story of our Kasauli trip and it is as amazing as the first one! Those who read and saw our first post must already know how astonishing our day in Kasauli was. For those who didn’t, let me give you a link here!

Roaming around the Heritage market and exploring new beautiful places was on our mind that day. We did book a cab to go to Manki point which is the highest altitude in Kasauli but since it was situated in an Air force base, we were not allowed any sort of equipments like a camera or even a phone. So, sorry guys no photos for that! Yes, we were disappointed too! But it was truly amazing and a must visit if you are in Kasauli. You can see the whole town from up there! View was just breath-taking. And the fact the you are in an Air force base makes it more exciting! We were mesmerised by the missiles they put up in display! Quite amusing it was.

So, it is established that Kasauli is very pleasing. Now at this point I’m just using different synonyms to describe it! Anyways, so it is pleasing and if you just explore it a bit, you may find many offbeat beautiful spots perfect for pictures or just staring it for a while! Thats exactly what we did and found pretty amazing places to shoot on lower mall road. Thats how this beautiful picture diary happened! Beauty of nature makes any photo appealing. So, when you are in Kasauli take as many pictures as you can!

So, with this our Two days in Kasauli ended. And as the saying goes “Best plans are made spontaneously!” , this trip was totally on point!

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