White out!

Hello June!

Can’t believe we are half way through the year! A year goes by so quickly!

So the first post of this month is about my current favourite color for the season, White. Yes, it’s the most obvious choice for summer but you can’t deny, it’s the most soothing color too for the weather. But maintaining a white look is a task in itself. You have to be extra careful all day. I have a bad omen with white, whenever I wear this color somehow I manage to ruin it everytime.  Does it happen with you guys too??

Anyways, for this post I decided to style 3 different outfit that incoporate white coloured garment in it, that will be great for the summers. Well people think that white on white may get too overwhelming but not if you carry it with some attitude and right amount of accessories. Let’s get going then.


Look1 : Nostalgia

White 2

White 3

White 38

White 10

White 36

White 4

White 7

White 1

White 11

Here, I paired my white jeggings with a simple top that has slits on the sides and to break the monotony, I wore my dark brown shoes with it. With very little accessories and Silver sunglasses which is very important if you go out on a sunny day. This look can be worn anywhere. It’s easy to carry and even more easy to style.


Look 2 : New York Minute

White 12

White 16

White 14

White 15

White 39

White 22

White 17

White 23

White 19

White 24

White 13

Another very easy, everyday style for you guys. Here, I just wore a white T-shirt dress, which is very comfy by the way. Absolutely perfect for summers and paired it with white platform chunky shoes and a small sling bag. Here too, I kept my makeup and accessories very minimal. I really love how the blue background makes my outfit stand out more. This was the most effortless look I have ever created. That’s the beauty of a dress, just put it on throw some shoes in, a bag and you are good to go. And t-shirt dresses are my favourite this summer.


Look 3 : Coachella Vibes

White 29

White 34

White 27

White 31

White 37

White 30

White 28

White 35

White 32

For this last look, I went all out and let my boho vibes out completely. I’m a little late to create a “Coachella inspired look” but what the hell, lets do it anyway. So, again I kept white as a dominating color in the look but this time I added little color also. The flower headband is a must if you are creating a Coachella look and the shoes were like love at first sight. I added all these little elements to break the monotony and bring some fun to it. Over the top shoes and headband helped me in it. Otherwise, the look again is very basic. Cami paired with shorts and a white maxi shirt over it.

Let me know which one you like the most in the comments down below!

Look 1 : H&M Top and Jeggings, Thrift Shoes (Tibetan Market, Humayunpur), Forever21 Choker Necklace, Thrift Sunglasses (Sarojini Nagar).

Look 2 : Forever21 Dress, Thrift Shoes (Tibetan Market, Humayunpur), Accessorize Bag, Claires Wristband.

Look 3 : Forever21 Shorts and Maxi Shirt, Thrift Cami, Forever21 Shoes, Thrift Bag (Sarojini Nagar), Forever21 Headband, Koovs Multilayer Necklace.

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