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In today’s time we are so caught up with the material world, that we are forgetting our roots. That what made us stand and achieve and be a meverick in whatever we do. We are so busy with updating our status on Facebook, or tweeting, or uploading that perfect picture with as many hashtags that we can think of, on Instagram but not thinking what the world has become.

By roots I don’t mean the family that you were born with but the mother nature, or Earth to be precise. We take everything from her but give back nothing. And we are what we are because mother nature let us to be. Human race is like this only, and I count myself also into this. I don’t do a lot for my environment and I strive to change. Sure we all hit like to a post promoting some environmental issue on Facebook, but do we actually do something about it? I don’t think so. We always think that it’s somebody else’s job. So, with this post I’ll introduce a clothing brand that will do that job for you – TreeWear Clothing.

As their tagline says “Responsible Clothing”, they are working to create a balance in our environment while making you stand out in crowd. They will plant a tree for every garment purchased from them. Featuring here is one of their T-Shirt. Garments are 100% organic, made with minimum wastage using low-impact dye and manufacturer who use fair trade practises. Designs are vibrant and innovative, and the fabric feels very light. TreeWear Clothing also incorporates “zero-wastage” standard by using recycled material for their packing and using scraps and waste material for innovative ideas like dog chew toys.

They are creating an awarness about the current environmental crisis and work towards the better future. So all of us now can be part of the change and help these guys do most of  the work. All you have to do is buy a t-shirt and you will be a part of a greener future. This is something that every big organization must do and we as an individual should also change and help our environment grow.

So do check out TreeWear Clothing website here and tell us what do you think about it in comments below.

On Avi : TreeWear T-shirt, Custom made Trouser, Koovs Shoes, Four Horsemen Bag, H&M Wristbands, Thrift Sunglasses ( Sarojini Nagar).

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