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On Me: Missa More Maxi Top, Zara Shorts, Thrift Shoes and Bag, Aldo Sunglasses. On Avi: Zara Jog Pants and T-shirt, North Star Shoes, Joe Black Sunglasses (From Koovs).

As the tittle suggests, this post is about the men’s footwear brand Alberto Torresi. We had an opportunity to visit the factory in Agra and witness the whole process of shoe making with our own eye. Both me and Avi are shoe lovers. We just find an opportunity to buy more and more shoes whenever we get chance. I mean now the situation in our house is that we don’t have any room left to keep our shoes. But this doesn’t stop us! So when we very invited to visit the Alberto Toressi  factory we got all excited. This was our second trip to Agra in less than a month. I guess city loves us too.

Alberto Torresi was launched in 2010 by Agra based Virola Shoes Pvt Ltd. But its roots go way back in time. Shoe making has been their business from almost past 40 years. Mr. Ishaan Sachdeva a young and energetic entrepreneur entered the family business with a vision to take footwear industry in India to the next level. He told us very interesting facts about how Indian men and European men prefer their shoes. To our surprise it was completely different. Indian men prefer more comfort and durability while European men doesn’t care about comfort, they just need style. But I feel Indian men are changing now. They have also started to be more diverse with their shoe choices. Anyways, in Alberto Torresi they take care of comfort and as their products are made of authentic leather, they are pretty durable too.

Mr. Ishaan also told us about the stressless technique that they use, it was almost like rocket science of shoe making. All in all the whole interaction was very informative. The only disappointment for me was that they don’t make women shoe for India. Everything is exported. The show room was filled with thousands of exquisite men and women shoes. I was literally drooling! It was a pity that those shoes were for the export only.

Well no trip to Agra is complete if we don’t visit Taj Mahal or Agra fort. Though Taj Mahal was closed as it was Friday, we found our way to Agra Fort. And no post is complete if we don’t do an “ootd” photo shoot. Comfort with style has always been our mantra for outfit when we travel. Because it can get very annoying after sometime when you have to sit in a car for long time. I don’t prefer wearing denims on trip. Shorts has always been my first choice when I travel by car. And I was so excited to were this uber cool extreme slit maxi top that I recently bought. I just love that, how it can be paired with so many things and look equally stylish with anything. Since we were not supposed to walk too much, I ditched my comfortable flats with this chunky block heels. Little indulgence is allowed in fashion.  But Avi was in a mood of total comfy that day. He opted for his super relaxed jog pants with a basic tee. His look was the right amount style and ease.

We truly enjoyed our second trip to Agra and learned very interesting things about footwear. Alberto Torresi is definitely a footwear brand to watch for. All the guys can indulge with their premium leather footwear right away and as for us ladies are concerned we have to wait.

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