Symphony of Love

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On Me: Forever 21 Dress, Zara Shoes, Aldo Ring and Watch. On Avi: Mast and Harbor Shirt (from Myntra), Forever 21 Trouser, Aurum Shoes, Thrift Suspenders.

“It appears like a perfect pearl on an azure ground. The effect is such I have never experienced from any work of art.”
British painter, William Hodges.

Rightly said! You just fall in love at the very first sight of this wonder of the world. To go with the romantic and alluring impact of the Taj Mahal, we decided to dress up for the day. Whenever I think about this epitome of love, a beautiful romantic evening comes to my mind. Bit cliche, but I couldn’t help it. Spending splendid time with your beloved and just drifting with time and passion.

I chose a pretty ombre maxi dress to go with the theme. Color, fabric and flow of the dress was so dreamy that it captured the feel of the eternal beauty that we were vouching for. The dress itself was adequate, so I didn’t accessorize much. Just heels, a ring and small studs were enough to complete the look. I had curls in my hair when we started from the hotel, but I guess mother nature did not like it. My hair got all messed up by the time we shot these pictures, anyway its fine.

For Avi, we did a semi-formal look. A white printed shirt with dark colored trouser, classy oxfords and suspenders to add some zest to the look. A classic combination I would say. You can never go wrong with this look. For a dressier look, you can add a light blazer. It adds swank to the whole outfit.

We are working on the photo diary for this day. Beautiful pictures are on its way. I hope you will like it. Stay tuned!

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