Subdued Summer

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Zara Shorts, Thrift Top and Shirt, Forever 21 Sandals and Necklaces, and Thrift Bag.

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Forever 21 Shirt, Thrift Shorts and Brogues, Joe Black Sunglasses (from Koovs).

As the summer proceeds to its full glory we tend to lean towards more to subdued hues in our wardrobe. And by subdued I don’t just mean colors but the fabric also becomes light and breezy. Its been the case with us too. White has become favorite staple in our wardrobe and every other pastel color too for that matter. Its like a treat to the eyes in this blazing weather. Since we were travelling too, so wearing light and “short” clothing seemed like a perfect idea. Comfort is the only thing we look for when we travel with a hint to style of course!

Let me tell you a secret, (its off topic of course) this is for all the guys living in Delhi. You must have seen your girlfriends, sisters and friends, who are girls, hauling and drooling all over Sarojini Nagar Market. And you thought to your self, why don’t we have such markets? Where things are cheap and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Well you’ve been just not looking hard enough. Sarojini Nagar market do have stores dealing with Men’s wear. Its limited of course! But you never know what you may find. For instance, we found these dapper looking Brogues for Avi at a mind blowing deal! So just look, look and look till you succeed.

Do you like the outfit idea we pulled for our visit to Agra Fort? Tell us by commenting down below.

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