I remember vaguely, many years ago, my mother showed me a picture of her wearing a bell bottom jeans, fitted top and big sunglasses. Which was quite unusual and amusing for me as I have never seen my mother like that. Because she is bengali, and saree has been her regular daily wear attire since she was fourteen. So, finding a picture of her like that was quite exciting for me. I was amazed and happy at the same time. And all the stories she told me about her youth, takes me back in time and I feel as if I was right there with her.

Often people tell me that I look exactly like my mother. But I’m not sure if I’m half as pretty as her. That unusual picture was stuck in my head somewhere and whenever I see flared pants or bell bottom jeans, I reminisce about that time and imagine what my mother must have felt wearing it and getting her picture taken. So, with that thought in my mind I styled my look and recreated whatever I can remember from that picture. Of course, adding little elements of my own too.

I think it might have been 80’s , one of my favourite fashion era. When indian girls were trying out their hand in western fashion. So, to recreate my mothers look, I paired this denim culottes with fitted crop top and vintage style sunglasses and let my hair loose. Very relaxed and comfortable look, best for a day out in the current weather or a typical day in college.

I hope you like the look and don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.


Look Details : Culottes Bhane, Top Forever 21, Shoes H&M, Bag Accessorize, Sunglasses Forever 21.


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