“Rangeeli Chuski”

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On Me: Forever 21 Skirt and T-shirt, Koovs Shoes, Aldo Watch. On Avi: Forever 21 T-Shirt, Thrift Shorts, North Star Shoes, Aldo Hat.

One thing I love about India is that everything here is filled with vibrant colors. One can find a pop of color in everyday of their life. And colors make life very inspiring. It puts a smile on your face and everything looks enticing. This is exactly how the Dilli Haat is. Array of vivid colors tempt you wherever you lay your eyes.

When God blessed us with cool shower that evening we couldn’t help but go out and take full advantage of the situation. It was the perfect time to explore the “Mini India” we have in the heart of Delhi. Hub of Indian artisans, one can find kurtis, shawls, jewelry, organic pickle, block print saris, home decor and many other creative pieces from all around the India. You can get your name engraved on a piece of rice or get a portrait sketched as a souvenir.

Heaven for food lovers. There are stalls of food from every part of India that you can think of. We were intrigued by the Rajasthani Rangeeli Chuski stall, and slurped Kaala Khatta snow cones (whole India’s favorite I know!) till the last drop. A chuski can literally save your life in the hot weather of Delhi.

A nice evening at the Delhi’s cultural hub left us refreshed and tranquil.

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  1. Hey just came across your blog while was searching for good places to go in Mcleo.
    Good work guys, unique and vivid compositions; must say.
    I wanted to know what camera and lenses you guys are using and also how have the pictures been color graded, as in what platform?

    Keep it up; will surely follow up on the upcoming posts. 🙂

    1. Thanks Shireen!

      We have just started the blog and there is loads more to come..do stay tuned….
      Talking about the camera and lenses, I used Nikon D90 with a 50mm Prime lens and 18-105mm superzoom lens.
      The colors have been popped by using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

      For more instant updates connect to us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thewanderbliss
      Follow us on Instagram : @thewanderbliss

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