No Gender Ft. Bhane


I never thought that someday I will shop from men’s section and be cool about it. And on top of that I never thought guys be doing the same, buying stuff from girls section and look remarkable in it. But times have changed now. We are not bound by the gender of a garment. Nowadays, It really doesn’t matter from which section you pick up your clothes. It should just look good on you and make you feel fabulous. We talk about gender equality everyday, why not apply it in fashion too. If girls can wear and flaunt men’s clothes, why not guys do the same! So, on this thought we collaborated with very talented, Varun from Beards eye view blog and this uber cool clothing brand, Bhane, to come up with this photoshoot.

Bhane has the most relaxed and minimalistic collection. The designs are fresh and I love the fact that their pieces are simple yet they have an individuality. This is why the brands fits right into the concept we were working on. And Varun is the most stylish guy I have ever met, who is comfortable in his own skin and do not shy away in trying out different things in terms of styling. So, thats why he was perfect for our genderless fashion concept.

We picked out two pieces from the Bhane collection, one from men’s section and one from women. Varun and I styled it in our own aesthetic appeal and what came out as the result was impressive.


Look 1 : Women’s Wear

We picked out this Jacket from women’s section of Bhane. This was the first piece that appealed to both of us. And you can’t really tell the gender of the jacket by looking at it. I mean it works out for both of us. Perfect piece for layering in summer and you get an amazing streetstyle look.



Look 2 : Men’s Wear

A classic shirt can rock the wardrobe of both men and women. We’ve been stealing shirts from our boyfriends, friends or family members from quite sometime now. And it absolutely makes a cute shirt dress. And Varun here, styled it with a cuffed denim, actually from women’s section. I bet you could not have guessed it, if I have not mentioned it here. But Varun rocked the pants. And this is the reason why I adore Bhane collection.




I hope you like the post and get inspired to shop from different sections. When you do, let us know in the comments below.

Checkout Varun’s Blog : @beardseyeview


Look 1 – On Varun : Jacket, T-shirt and Jeans Bhane, Shoes Converse, Hat Zara.

                On Me : Jacket Bhane, Top HnM, Shorts Zara, Shoes HnM.

Look 2 – On Varun : Shirt, T-shirt and Pants Bhane, Shoes Zara, Hat Zara.

                On Me : Shirt Bhane, Shoes Gift (Hong Kong), Sunglasses Thrifted (Sarojini Nagar).


Shot By : Pritiza – @pritiza7


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