Can’t believe a month of 2018 has already gone! But January has always been the trial month of any new year. It goes by in a jiffy and we just make ourselves use to the year. So lets start February on a fashionable note.

Black has always been predominating color in my wardrobe. I’m sure many of you will relate to me on this. We automatically get attracted to the color. But it’s only natural because it’s such a versatile color and you can dress anyway in black. You can be badass or classy depending how you style it. So, this time I went overboard and styled my street look in all black. I must say it turned out to be extremely stunning.

I had this cool bodysuit with word “Movement” printed on its sleeves. A perfect top to style your street look. So I paired it with flared sweatpants that had white stripes in the front rather than the usual side stripes. To complete my outfit and to look badass in it, I wore black lipstick. Yes, black all the way!

Let me know how you like the look in the comments below.


Look Details : Top, Sweatpants, Heels Intoto (, Black Lipstick Maybelline.


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