Monsoon – Gone so soon with Microsoft Lumia 540

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Hi everyone!

In Delhi you can’t really tell if the monsoon is coming or is it done? I might be a little late on my post about monsoon dressing but what the hell!, Rain Rain will come again. The day seemed quite confusing when we shot these pictures. It rained heavily in the morning and I thought, “Great! Perfect time to shoot for the monsoon theme.” But by the time we got ready, the sun was shining brighter than ever! And I was like what the?! Anyways, we had to shoot. I am really fond of rain. And I love to get drenched in it but only when I am at home wearing something that I wouldn’t mind getting wet in. But when I am outside and it starts raining, I just keep fretting about my shoes getting wet!

Dressing for monsoon really does not require too much brain. You just have to pick anything that is above your knees. And always wear those shoes that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty. Smart choice will be rubber sandals or chappals. I was lucky to find these really pretty ombre rubber sandals. Girls can go for shorts or dresses that are above your knees and guys with shorts ( I mean what options do you have?!). And ladies wearing waterproof makeup will be a good choice. An umbrella is a must for the monsoon because, well, everybody knows rains in Delhi are really very unpredictable and it can serve as an accessory too when you are not using it. So these are little things to keep in mind when dressing for monsoon.

In the last post I mentioned about Microsoft Lumia 540 and I told you guys that some pictures were from that phone only. Well, let me tell you, this whole post have been shot by Lumia 540 phone only. And the picture quality is really amazing for a phone! I was really impressed by the camera. And Lumia Selfie mode just got me! it was the best part of the phone for me. It takes crazy good pictures and different filters makes your selfies just stand out. I was really hooked on it. It has a 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, which pretty much explains the good quality of the pictures. I even felt that front camera was better than the rear camera. I mean just check out the selfie images! Isn’t it crazy good!


There were so many filter options, and I couldn’t decide on one. So I saved the photo in each one of them!


I really enjoyed taking pictures with Lumia 540 and seeing that how much I like taking pictures this phone was really a seller for me.


On me: Forever 21 Dress, Thrift Shirt, Carlton London Sandals, Forever 21 Jewellery, Accessorize Bag, Fast Track Watch.

On Avi: Forever 21 Shirt, Thrift Shorts, Forever 21 Chappals.


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