All Day All Night – W T F(loral) – II

Hi guys! So this post is specially for all the handsome guys out there. As in my previous post, I did a transformation of day outfit to evening outfit. In this post I am doing the same but for our very dashing Avi. Theme for this post was also same as before, using one article of clothing to create two different looks. For Avi I chose a Smart slim fit Floral Shirt that we custom made for him.

This season we saw a lot of floral print on every garment, even in men’s fashion. And I saw that Indian men have also started to embrace different fashion trends in their wardrobe. Floral was one of them. And Avi tries everything. I mean how many people get their hair dyed blue! Thats some guts we are talking about. Anyways for the first look, that was casual outfit of the day, we paired the shirt with a low crotch trouser, a tank tee and casual sneakers. And accessorised it with a cool baseball cap, some wrist bands and a dapper sunnies. Check out the look below.







I think we nailed the day look for Avi. What do you guys say?

Now lets get to the evening look. I wanted to go for a semi-formal yet a bit sassy for the evening look. So we went for a slim fit formal trouser with semi-formal shoes and a bow tie. I really like bow ties on men. A lil bit more than a Neck tie. Guys look so adorable in bow ties! Don’t you think. So this look was very easy-peasy one for us. We didn’t have to think too much to put together this one. And we got want we were vouching for soon.

Its really fun to mix and match outfits. You never know what may look good with what. And you may even find a whole new way to wear an outfit. I really enjoyed styling this post and Avi enjoyed wearing what I put together for him.

So guys check out both the looks I tried to create and tell me which one you like the most!




DSC_2770    DSC_2778  DSC_2765


DSC_2782  DSC_2776


Look 1 : Custom made Shirt, Jack and Jones T-shirt, Forever 21 Trouser and Cap, Thrift Shoes, Sunglasses, and accessories.

Look 2 : Custom made Shirt, Forever 21 Trouser and Belt, Pins and Bows Bow tie, Jabong Shoes.

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