“Little Lhasa” – McLeodganj

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So let me first tell you about McLeodganj, its a small cozy place in Himachal Pradesh surrounded by astonishing mountains and breathtaking views. The weather is always amazing and you get a feeling that you are living between clouds. We have practically lived there for almost 4 yrs but it feels new every time we visit again. Though there is not much to do in McLeodganj but merely spending 2-3 days between the clouds can give you a feel of heaven, a very green heaven i would say. The place has something for everyone. It matters not if you are a family on vacation, or a group of friends out to have fun, drink and smoke up, or just there to spend time with your bae, you will always love it.

McLeodganj has a large population of Tibetans so be assured that you will find rich Tibetan culture everywhere. Few places that we shared with you guys through this post are Dalai Lama Temple, Gompa Temple, Bhagsunag Waterfall and Church of St. John in the Wilderness, we think they all are amazing. We got a little overboard and tried to dress like one of the many foreigners that visit Mcleodganj but I think we got some great shots for this post. You can see me wearing not-so-comfortable boots but what can I do it looked so great with the leather jacket that I had on. And I think Avi looked so swag in his custom made Ikat print shirt specially made for this day.

How can this post be complete if we don’t talk about food. If you are an Italian food fan then we should and we would recommend Jimmy’s Italian kitchen. Those who have been to Big Chill in Delhi can get a deja vu feeling there, just saying. And if you want to go Tibetan all the way then Common Ground is the place to be, food is delicious and ambiance is soothing.

We would highly recommend everyone to visit McLeodganj once. When you need a day or two off from your busy jobs and life you can surely enjoy the cool weather of Mcleodganj and re-energies.

We have more stored for you guys, just keep looking for our new update!

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