Imma 90’s Kid.


Fashion is something that keeps on coming back after some time. Although I love the idea, but still you have to make it look like its from the current era. One such fashion comeback I’m digging right now is the 90’s grunge fashion. I’m a 90’s kid and was a rebellious one. I was quite a punk in my college days. And grunge has always been my all time favorite fashion sub culture. Unconsciously or may be consciously I always end up mixing a bit of grunge in my styling.

So, when I saw this t-shirt dress on the racks of Forever 21, I immediately wanted to buy it and remembered my college days when we use to self tie and dye our t-shirts (Yes!).  I was so obsessed, that all of my white t-shirts somehow turned into some kind of a tie and dye canvas. Though it was fun to experiment with clothes, but all of my experiments were not exactly successful. To add a little bit of grunge in my look I added this body harness. And I think it looks badass! And the only thing left to do was to tie my hair in box braids. I kept the other accessories minimal to keep the focus on the harness.

So, this is how I remembered my 90’s days. How do you like the look. Let me know in the comment box below!


Look Details : T-shirt Dress, Body harness, Shoes and Socks everything from Forever21, Bracelet Koovs.

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