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As promised in our previous post, here comes the funny story I was talking about. And all of those who don’t know what I’m talking about, check out our Amritsar Travel Diary first. I don’t know how many of you will actually think it’s funny but it is something stupid we did. So here goes!

When we were heading back to Chandigarh from Wagah Border, we had this amazing and supercool idea to shoot our outfit post in a Sugarcane field. We thought it’ll be outstanding and much more relatable to Punjab, ofcourse the green fields looks so tempting to a photographer’s eye! But going inside a field during the time when dengue and chikungunya was in rage, was the worst idea ever! I mean it is quite dangerous to go inside a field because of all the insects and little creatures that might bite, but during an epidemic the danger increases. Anyways, we spent a good one hour shooting from every angle that we can think of. And as expected, by the time we reached Chandigarh, Avi was already burning with fever and the day after I was down with it too.

We were supposed to explore Chandigarh too in this trip, but unfortunately only thing we could explore was the hospital. And now when I think of that day, I feel how could we let this happen to us! And you should always listen to your parents. Because they know what they are talking about. My dad warned us not to go there but as all children do, we did not listen to him and went inside the field anyway. But I hope you like the pictures and read about our trip in the previous post.

So, guys always listen to your parents and don’t step inside the luscious green fields of Punjab when there is an epidemic spread in the area.


On Me : Shein.com Dress, Thrifted boots (Hong Kong), Aldo Sunglasses, Thrifted Necklace (Janpath), H&M Rings, Clairs Wristbands.

On Avi : Koovs Shirt, Forever21 Longline T-shirt & Sunglasses, H&M JogPants & Wristband.

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