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Just like the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse, the store Four Horsemen in our very own Hauz Khas village symbolizes – “Rebirth”. It is not like any other leather bags and accessories store that you find in the village. They have something very special to offer their customer. Each and every product is well crafted with minimal yet edgy designs keeping in mind all the functional value of the product. Items that merge performance with refined aesthetics.

Our favorites from their wide range of leather goods were the Suede Circle sling bag, all leather Laptop Bag, and their innovative card holders. And yes a cute little leather taco to hold your cables and headphones in. Smart and stylish way to organize your stuff.

A classic leather bag goes a long way if you take it fashion wise. Compliments most of the outfits and should be a staple for both men and women wardrobe. What can be more exhilarating than customizing your own bag! Yes, they customize too. You can get your bag designed as per you liking, choose the material and get it embossed with your initials with a life time warranty! Yes you heard me!

Do pay a visit to “Four Horsemen” when you are having a leather bag crisis or if you are just a fan of good leather stuff.

On Me: Forever 21 Lace top, Shorts and Necklace, Stilettos Wedges. On Avi : Custom Made Toile print Shirt, Forever 21 Trouser and Hat, Roadster Shoes.

Store Address : Four Horsemen, 1st Floor, 4 Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India 110016 

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