Floating Around – Mcleodganj

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As we promised, we are back with more.

After all that sight seeing we did, it was time for immersing ourselves in the color, food and simple goodness of exploring the town and happily getting soaked in the alluring weather. We started our day with roaming on the streets with a rumbling stomach and we found a fascinating restaurant called Cafe Illiterati. It was a contemporary looking cafe in the middle of nowhere. Housed with incredible and thoughtful selection of books, it was truly a reader’s paradise. One can eat while having a good read. The view from the outside table was breathtaking, for me it was like love at first sight. Having our stomach filled, we started our adventure filled day.  Walking through mountains and taking in all the fresh air that we can.

Ladies it’s time we tell you about all the goodies that you could indulge yourselves in. Streets of McLeodganj are filled with silver and junk jewelry stalls,Tibetan artifacts, Boho fashion and fashion in general and oh my! Is it amazing or what?! All of you lovely ladies can go on a mini shopping spree while you are at it as the jewelry there is to die for, be it necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. And yeah! guys don’t get disheartened there’s plenty of stuff for you too.

We truly enjoyed our mini vacation on the mountains. The cool breeze, slight drizzle and soothing view took our mind off from the hot scorching weather of Delhi. One last thing that we would love to recommend you guys are the Fried Aloo Momos. All the amazing things in one; Potato, momo and fried! How great is that?! Our trip to Mcleodganj is never complete if we don’t have one of these! Couple of other restaurants that we loved there are The Namgyal Cafe, Lotus Leaf Restaurant and Coffee Talk Cafe. Its worth to give these restaurants a try.

Well, we had a wondrous time and I am sure everyone who visits is bound to feel the same.

We are deciding our next destination, keep looking for more!

On Me: Dress, Gladiator sandals, Flower headband, Bag, Jewellery everything Forever 21. On Avi: Forever 21 Jog Pants, Jack and Jones Tank Tee, Fila Shoes, Forever 21 Cap.  

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