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How’s summer treating you? It’s really hot and the sun needs to chill a lil bit! Maybe sun should take a vacation on hills. Am I right? Well, jokes apart. Lets get to business.

We collaborated with this amazing Men’s wear brand called Green Hill. We always keep searching for fashionable brands for Avi because lets face it India really needs to come up with something new for the guys. And at the same time it should be affordable because not everyone earns those big bucks! And guys are also getting fashion conscious day by day. It’s really hard to find good fashionable clothes for Avi that does not burn a hole in our pocket.

So, when the folks from Green Hill contacted us we got really excited and we selected four different shirts for this styling post. This post is all about men styling and how I created four different looks for Avi using Green Hill Shirts. So lets see how it went.

Look 1 : Summer blue

GreenHill Shirts13GreenHill Shirts12

GreenHill Shirts14

GreenHill Shirts16

GreenHill Shirts18GreenHill Shirts15

It’s summer and sun is shining as bright as it can be. So to tone down the effect of the sun we paired this white printed Green Hill shirt with a cool blue trouser. It was a casual look so we added sneakers, a sacthel bag and a sunnie to fight back the sun and we were good to go. Nothing fancy just a chill laidback look for your day to day life. Or maybe a lunch date. Cool colours are soothing to eyes and its perfect for summers.


Look 2: Smart Formals

GreenHill Shirts7GreenHill Shirts5

GreenHill Shirts4GreenHill Shirts8GreenHill Shirts3

Formals can be fashionable! You just have to play with it a little bit. Adding a small accesory immediatley turns a boring outfit into something class apart. We just added suspenders and some smarty sunglasses and this boring office look got some substance. And of course the Green Hill shirt is appealing in itself! So to spice up your formals you just need couple of good accessories that are not over the top and give your outfit some defination.


Look 3 : Sports Luxe

GreenHill Shirts21GreenHill Shirts22

GreenHill Shirts27GreenHill Shirts24GreenHill Shirts29GreenHill Shirts30

This one is my favourite look from all! This shirt from Green Hill was little to the sporty side. So we decided to do something different with this one. Layering is one thing that came to my mind and I wanted this look to be hip and cool. So we paired cuffed denim jog pants with it and layered the shirt with a longline tee under it. White sneakers, a cap and ofcourse how can we miss sunglasses for the summer and a backpack made the look stand out.


Look 4 : The Grunge Effect

GreenHill Shirts35GreenHill Shirts39

GreenHill Shirts36GreenHill Shirts41GreenHill Shirts34

GreenHill Shirts42GreenHill Shirts44

For the last look we went completely different from all the others. Well, we are one of those people who don’t stop wearing black even if it’s the warmest day of the summer. We will always have black clothing more than any other color in our closet. So for our love of black, we styled this shirt from Green Hill with anything black that we can get our hands on. Black is usually associated with grunge fashion, so we tried to do something on that lines. Paired the shirt with a ripped off jeans, black sneakers and skulls and bones accessories and to complete the look we added black round sunglasses for the extra effect.

So this is how we styled four different shirts from Green Hill. Do tell us how you like it in the comment section below and visit the Green Hill website here.


Look 1 : Green Hill Dolphin Shirt, Roadster Trouser (Myntra), Koovs Shoes, Leather sachtel (Jaisalmer), Forever 21 Sunglasses, H&M Wristband.

Look 2 : Green Hill Blue Panel Pocket Shirt, 410 Trouser, Aurum Shoes, Joe Black Sunglasses (Koovs).

Look 3 : Green Hill White Sleeves Panel Shirt, H&M Longline Tee, Forever21 Denim Jogpants, H&M Cap and Sunglasses, Koovs Backpack, Thrift Shoes (Sarojini Nagar).

Look 4 : Green Hill Grey & Black Panel Shirt, Levis Jeans, Koovs Shoes, H&M Wristbands and Ring, Thrift Sunglasses.

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