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On Me: Akkriti Ethnic dress (from Pantaloons), Forever 21 Heels, Earrings and Hand cuff. On Avi : Forever 21 Blazer, Koovs T-shirt, Thrift Harem Pants ( from Paharganj), Thrift Shoes, Forever 21 Sunglasses.

   Eid Mubarak to all our lovely readers! I know I am little late on my wishes, but better late than never. 

With all the Eid festivities going around my house we decided to do an Ethnic wear post. Neither I nor Avi are very fond of Indian wear attire. But sometimes you have to mold yourself and just take in all the culture that you can. But of course with a twist!

I am not very fond of Indian suits or Indian wear in general. But my mom said that this Eid I have to ditch my casual western stuff and embrace the Indian culture in its full glory! I set on a mission to find something that will fulfill mine and my mom’s demand. So I found this awesome ethnic dress, that was perfect in every sense. I loved everything about it! I have a thing for dresses that have a fuller bottom. Print of the dress was on point too. So for this Ethnic look that we were vouching for, I just added heels, some gold jewelry, red pout and everything made sense!

For Avi, we decided to go modern all the way! Only ethnic piece in his look is the Harem pants and the Jodhpuri Jutis! My idea behind this look was to give Indian men something different, other than the usual Kurta Pyjama in the name of traditional wear. Ethnic wear for men in India has very little options. I got a taste of it when we were searching for these pants for Avi. I was happy with the complete look at the end of the day. It was contemporary yet traditional. And If you desire to add more tradition into it then just go with a Kurta instead of T-shirt (something I won’t prefer). And you can carry it off to a wedding too and get compliments for your fashion sense!

If you are wondering about the beautiful location in our pictures then I am going to revel it now! It is Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi. It was built in the late Mughal Empire style for the statesman Safdarjung, and was described as “the last flicker in the lamp of Mughal Architecture”. Built roughly on the blueprints of Humayun’s Tomb, monument has vast fields of green gardens. Not much crowded as the other monuments in Delhi, you can experience the Mughal architecture without much hustle bustle. We really loved this monument, and it served as the perfect location for our Ethnic wear shoot.

How do you like our take on Indian ethnic wear? Tell us by commenting

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  1. Loved the idea of complementing the attire with the magnanimous locale – Safdurjung tomb, One of my personal favorites too.

    The dresses for sure are ethnic yet not too traditional !!!!!! Great piece of work wanderbliss!!! All the best guys…..

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