Blue Hues

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Someone said, have you been to Agrasen ki Baoli.

I said, where is that?

They said, its near Connaught Place.

I said, why I have never been there!?

So this was the sole reason to visit this less known historic monument in Delhi – Agrasen ki Baoli. Even autowalas near my place had little idea about it. This 60 meters long step well on Hailey Road is now a hangout place for young college kids and couples. Also a good place for photo shoot.

It is said that Agrasen ki Baoli is the 10th most haunted place in India. But I think its just the way it is built and being so many years old, every monument gives a creepy feeling. Don’t worry there was nothing scary about this place. We spent good one and half hour going up and down the stairs and taking beautiful pictures anywhere we can.

For a place like this, a light breezy maxi dress is best. It should be a staple in every girls wardrobe. It gives you ample air to breath and its easy to move in. And for guys Tank T-shirts are big this summer. Pair it with a light washed denim or shorts, toss in good casual shoes and you are good to go. And guys don’t be afraid to style your hair a bit. Avi loves to experiment with his hair, so what can be more crazy than going blue! You don’t have to be as crazy as him.

All that up and down on the stairs made us very hungry, so we took an autorickshaw and went straight to Connaught Place. We were searching for a good place to eat and just then we saw this hip, cool restaurant called “The Vault Cafe”. The entrance was so imaginative that we were attracted to it in a minute. The whole restaurant was on the theme of a Vault and VIP lounges were actual Vaults! With the round door and everything. Interiors were innovative and we loved the music they played. Food was top notch too, right on the taste bud. A bit on the expensive side, but you can enjoy a nice meal, beer and a hookah with some close friends on salary day!

Best time to visit Agrasen ki Baoli is in winters. Heat of Delhi can give you hallucinations there, and you will actually believe that its haunted! Just sayin!

Stay tuned for more!

On me: Thrift Dress, Pellenium Sandals, Aldo watch, Thrift Sunglasses. On Avi: Tank Tee, Cuffed Denim and Sunglasses everything Forever 21, Globalite Shoes.

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