Aztec Adventure

Whoa! What a month! We were so so busy! And sorry for not posting for that long. I cannot let this happen again. We really need to set a schedule. Anyways, this post is for all the handsome men.

Couple of months back Avi started to workout and I wanted to use this post to encourage him and all the other men who workout. Show off those arms guys! You been working really hard on them! Wear a Tank T-Shirt and be confident about it! I styled this really groovy Tank T-Shirt from H&M for Avi in two different ways. So without wasting time lets see how it worked out!


Look 1 : Urban Native

Here we go with the first look, incorporating this beautiful Tank T-shirt. And look at those arms! Looking amazing isn’t it! So the first look is very casual and happening. We used all the pieces that are in trend right now. We paired the Tank with a white ripped jeans and a pair of casual slip-on shoes. And silver sunnies added to the hotness. Bright colours in tank were going perfectly well with white jeans. This is a no brainer look. You don’t have to think too much, just put everything together and you are ready to go. I know guys don’t like to think too much when it comes to dressing up. So here is your easy way out!


Aztec men style 1

Aztec men style 6

Aztec men style 2

Aztec men style 9

Aztec men style 7

Aztec men style 8

Aztec men style 5

Aztec men style 10

Aztec men style 3


Look 2 : Hipster

For the second look, we tried a more laid back, college going kind of outfit. We replaced the jeans with shorts and added a cap, worn backwards and changed the slip-on shoes to sneakers. This was more of a fun and casual look. Guys who don’t miss the leg day can work this one really well! Just kidding! Shorts are more comfortable in summer and specially during rainy season. Most convenient clothing item on a rainy day is shorts. So don’t be afraid to use them and create different interesting ensembles with it.


Aztec men style 12

Aztec men style 14

Aztec men style 17

Aztec men style 15

Aztec men style 18

Aztec men style 16

Aztec men style 11

Aztec men style 13

Something new we tried during this shoot. We tried to make a short fashion movie. I don’t know how it turned out because it was our first attempt. What do you guys think? Is it good? Should we make it more often? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to see the video!


Look 1 : HnM Tank T-shirt, Hnm Jeans, Koovs Shoes, Aldo Sunglasses, Koovs Necklace, Hnm Wristbands.

Look 2 : Hnm Tank T-Shirt, Forever21 Shorts, Fila Shoes, Hnm Cap and Sunnies.


And this week’s Links Ala Mode :

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