Army Green





Forever21 Pullover and Aviators, Adidas Cardigan, Zara Trouser, H&M Jacket, Converse Shoes, Koovs Chain.


It’s been 67 year since our constitution was formed and 26th January known as Republic day is celebrated in India with all its glory. On this day, whole India wake up early just to watch the amazing parade that happens on Rajpath. I am also one of them. Its exciting every time to watch  how diverse and colourful our culture is! And it gives me a sense of pride that I belong to such country. Sure, the generation of our age try to dress up, speak and even think like our western counterparts, but there is always that attachment in our heart that keeps us rooted to our lovely country, India.

I can go on and on about how I love India. Of course, I dream of travelling to different parts of the world someday, but there is something very intriguing about India. It always fascinates me that how one country can be so diverse! You’ll find snow, desert, beaches, mountains, and forests all in one country. This thing always fascinates me and I wish to experience everything and visit each and every part of my beautiful country in my lifetime.

So, this republic day we decided to do it little differently. Instead of waking up in the morning to watch the magnificent parade on television, we went out and shot an amazing post for you guys! Army green is the color I am vey much in love with these days. I just love how strong and bold this colour looks. And the ever going obsession of Avi with longlines! We got this awesome long Jacket from H&M for him, which looks really rad I would say! The whole look was looking very macho.

This is how I styled Avi for republic day strong and amazing just like our country. Do you like it? Tell us in the comments down below!




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