Army Green – II




 Forever21 Long Sweatshirt, Jeans & Rings, Thrift Shoes (Sarojini Nagar).


How have you been guys? How’s winter treating you? Seems like winter has just skipped Delhi this year! There was couple of days bit chiller than others but not like what we expect when we talk about “Dilli ki sardi”. Am I right!?

I am more of a summer girl. I just love wearing shorts and light breezy clothes. It just gets too tiring wearing too many clothes in winters! Does this happen with any of you too? Sometimes I feel like I’m lifting heavy weights! I know I’m exaggerating! But really it happens with me! Still that doesn’t stop me from dressing up in winters. On the contrary, I love layering! I mean we girls can do anything in the name of fashion! Even if it means wearing a backless blouse during a wedding in winters! We can do anything! And I can never forget my school uniform, when there was winters on our torso and summers on our legs! I mean, how silly was the school uniform! And how daring it was for me and my friends to wear skirt with blazer in winters without any leggings.

So, basically I’m just blabbering in this post. I’ll just stop now and let you enjoy the pictures we shot on 26th January on the theme army green celebrating our Republic day. Do check out our previous post if you haven’t already, here. I have created a cool, relaxed look for this post and what do you guys think about my pigtails? Do tell me in the comments below! Till then!




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