All Day All Night – W T F(loral)..

I have a confession to make. I am a shopaholic! Yes I buy lots of clothes and still every morning when I open my closet I feel like I don’t have anything to wear! And I am sure most of you reading this must be having a deja vu feeling! I know it is a common problem for every girl in this world. And I would say feeling is mutual my friend! And how to solve this problem? Simple – Recycle, Reuse and Reduce (well maybe not the latter one!).

This post is about how to transform your day look into evening or night look without much hustle. I have used the same skirt in both the look. Here it is your “reuse” part!

So I got this really gorgeous floral skirt from Sarojini Nagar and it was just sitting in my closet, waiting for the right event or occasion to come. Then one fine day I thought maybe I can wear it casually too. I put on my most casual looking t-shirt and some sneakers with minimal jewellery and voila! It was looking better than I expected. This was the first look for this post.





DSC_2639  DSC_2640



To transform this day look to evening look, I just changed my casual t-shirt to a Georgette Crop top and Sneakers into Heels. Added some bling, a sling bag and look was complete. Here the skirt remained the same. I can carry off this look to any event, party or anything of that sorts.

So basically, there are so many ways to style one garment. And every look will give a different feel from another. And obviously you don’t have to spend every time there is a new event. Just mix and match what ever there is in your closet with right accessories and you are good to go. I always say that everyone should experiment with their style and never be afraid to do something different. Dare to be different.




DSC_2714               DSC_2755

DSC_2750   DSC_2733 DSC_2728



Look 1 : Forever 21 T-Shirt, Thrift Skirt, Koovs Shoes, Fast track Watch, Forever 21 Jewellery.

Look 2 : Forever 21 Crop Top, Heels and Ring, Thrift Bag and Earring.

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