Sabyasachi Calcutta.





How do I start! When it comes to Sabyasachi, I just get speechless and mesmerised by the vibrancy of his designs. And its a dream of every girl to be a Sabyasachi Bride! The new flagship store in Delhi is nothing less than a dream! It can easily qualify for an Art Gallery. Where music, Paintings and clothings come together.

Walking through the store was an astonishing experience. And we were just awestruck by the designs and the way it was presented in the store. Vintage decor, beautiful Chandeliers and roses everywhere, intertwined by the delicate embroidered garments. So rich and so royal! It almost made me want to get married! But then I came to my senses!

Store has everything anybody would possibly need for their wedding.  Its divided into 2 wings. First wing contains women’s bridal collection, Jewellery by Kishandas and co. for Sabyasachi, and trunks and luggage by Trunks Company, Jaipur. Second wing has ready to wear, sarees and kurta and an entire floor for Men’s wear complete with shoes, accesories and turbans.

Collection is devine. You can count on that when it comes to Sabyasachi. I found florals in Men’s sherwani very interesting and it gave a very fresh and alive feel to it. So people, if you are getting married soon, then just go and get crazy there! And if not still you can go there and admire the beauty of it.

Some interesting details about the store :

  • 63 art peices by Sabyasachi Art Foundation
  • 57 hand painted chandeliers
  • 732 ittar bottles ( collected from differents lanes of old Delhi, Lucknow and Kolkatta)
  • 112 antique carpets
  • 5 rare Tanjores
  • 214 vintage Dutch plates
  • 318 hand retouched studio portraits
  • 42 peices of calendar art
  • Wallpaper by Sabyasachi for Nilaya by Asian Paints
  • Colonial, turn of the century and French period furniture sourced globally


Store Address : Sabyasachi Calcutta, Haveli no 6 to 8, Kutub Serai, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

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